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It's time to publish and launch your book

Learn how to format and publish your own range of books.

The publishing process can be as simple as uploading it to Amazon, Lulu or IngramSpark, however, if you’d like a bestselling book, then there’s a whole different process involved. From editing your book to finding beta testers and advanced copy readers, learn about all the ducks that you should get in a row, before you publish your book.

Courses start from €97 and all can be paid over 3 or 4 months.


Sample course


Publishing your book

In this course, we’ll take you through my PUBLISH method for self-publishing your book.

By working through the process, you’ll learn not only how to publish a book, but also the key steps needed to publish a book that will sell.

With 40 lessons including videos showing you how to upload your book onto Amazon, Lulu and IngramSpark, you’ll take the first steps into self-publishing. 

You could spend several hundred dollars/pounds/euros hiring someone else to format your book.

However, with this online course, learn how to build your own book in MS Word, and then format it, so that it looks professional.

Start by looking at the key elements of professionally published books, and then learn how to do it yourself, step by step.

With over 30 lessons, this online course will help you turn your manuscript into a book (print and Kindle) ready to upload onto Amazon KDP.

Your secondary books

A notebook is the simplest book in the world to publish and a great way to create something that you could use in your business.

Use it during live workshops so that delegates make notes in your branded notebook rather than the paper provided by the venue.

Alternatively, you could use it as a welcome gift or as a giveaway at networking events.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create your own plain, lined, themed and branded notebooks.

Keeping your own journal as so many benefits, allowing you to download and process your experiences, and help strengthen your mindset.

As a coach or consultant, if you advocate journaling as a practice, then why now develop your own range of journals to support your business.

Use them as part of a group coaching programme to elevate it from your peers.

From basic journals, to gratitude journals to themed journals like a dream, self-care or meditation journal, in this course you’ll access over-the-shoulder training that will help you add new products and income streams to your business. 

Habit trackers add a new dimension to journals and planners or can be created as a printable in it’s own right.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create:

  • weekly
  • monthly
  • yearly
  • themed trackers.

Over 13 lessons you’ll learn how to make a range of habit trackers, and then you’ll apply this to 3 specific journals:

  • Couch to 5k journal
  • Sleep journal
  • Fitness tracker

In this course, not only do you learn a new skill, but also how to apply it! 

Each year, for the last few years, I’ve created and published my own annual planner.

In this course, you’ll learn how to create:

  • daily spreads
  • weekly spreads
  • monthly spreads
  • year at a glance pages

You’ll then see how I created my Positivity, Goal and Christmas planners, and apply what you know with:

  • page a day diary
  • 5 Year, line-a-day journal

There’s so much in this course, why not have a go now?

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